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Math Letters Jr. PDF Book (digital download)

Math Letters Jr. PDF Book (digital download)

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Mathematics is the language of our universe, and those who are fortunate enough to pursue it often see the world around them in a new light. The essence of mathematics lies in discovering captivating patterns and using your creativity to see problems from different perspectives.

Unfortunately, many students tend to lose interest in the subject during their middle school years. As the level of the material increases, the intrigue they may have once felt is often lost in the midst of test-taking strategies and new formulas. Unlike traditional textbooks, which are often filled with pages of computational examples and drills, the purpose of this book is to showcase the magic and beauty of mathematics.

The topics were inspired by our most popular math-focused videos on social media, which have amassed hundreds of millions of views. Middle school students are the intended audience, but most adults will find the subject matter equally intriguing.

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